Who is this guy?

Greetings.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  I hope you will stick around and we might find a way to communicate through all of this  and more. I was asked to leave five words that might get to the spirit of this web site.  That was tough but here they are:

Searching.  Opening.   Moving.   Processing.  Trying.

Those are not just some sort of cute esoteric words that I thought you would like.  In my best moments, those are important words and in my worst moments, those are words that I wish I could remember.  I fail often.  I hope you will forgive me when I do.

I like to write and I do so in odd places and at odd times.  I’m not a trained writer or photographer.   I have spent my work career in data processing and accounting.  However, my life career has been in appreciating creativity and marveling at the breadth of human experience.  I like to create so hence the contents of this website.

Yes, this picture was taken a long time ago and I am now older in years and I’ve started to think about the time I have left to make a contribution. Frankly, aging is a liberating process and I’m happy to get the chance.

Do you want to know more?   Ask.  Maybe we will start a conversation.  I would like that.