Welcome, thanks for joining in the journey

This is a place of journey.   Along that way, this will be a connecting point to share poetry, photos and liturgies that I am inspired (well at least I hope it is inspiration) to create.  In total it is about life as I experience it.   I generally like to write short poems that go to some point to which I feel compelled to respond.   This repository of musings is open to anyone who wants to share in this journey.  If you do, please be prepared for expressions of doubt, love, confusion, hope and hate.  These are all part of my experience and I’m trying as best I can to share them with you, my friend and reader.

In addition to poems and other thought pieces, I enjoy writing liturgies and plays for use at Rainbow Mennonite Church.  You will find these here as well.   I hope you might be inspired to write your own.  If you would like to use anything from this site in your own liturgical planning or writing, please feel free to do so with a simple acknowledgement of the source.

Finally, I hope you will respond.  A journey of one is not as fulfilling for me as one that is shared.  Let me know your thoughts; maybe even leave your own poem in the comments.

With love,